Sep 192011

Leatherman Crunch Review

No Leatherman Crunch Review would be complete without a simple explanation as to what sets it apart from the other Leatherman models out there. The answer is rather simple…vice-grips, or locking pliers as they are sometimes called. While other Leatherman models do have pliers, this model allows you to lock them onto the object…effectively giving you another hand to work with. Let’s take this Leatherman Crunch Review into more specific details now…

Leatherman Crunch Review

Leatherman 68010203K Crunch Stainless Steel Multi Tool

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Leatherman Crunch

The Leatherman Crunch comes equipped with 13 tools. Those that you will probably use the most are the: (1) vice-grips, (2) serrated blade, and the (3) large flat-head screwdriver. It does not have as many tools as the Wave or any of the other standard Leathermans, but the vice-grips do make up for it.

The Crunch is smaller than the Wave, but considering that it contains fewer tools this is understandable. The design is rather cool…it pops out and will take a few seconds to set up the vice-grips. It feels solid and well built.

It is the honest opinion of this Leatherman Crunch Review that this is a “accessory” multi-tool. It works well to compliment the Wave for example.

Leatherman Crunch vs Gerber Grappler

There are basically two vice-plier multi-tools out there are the market these days…the Leatherman Crunch and the Gerber Grappler. If you are in the market for a vice-plier multi-tool you will undoubtably come across these two models. The question is, which one is the best? Let us help you to decide.

01) The Leatherman Crunch has plier jaws that must be manually opened. The plier jaws of the Gerber Grappler slide open. The jaws of the Leatherman Crunch open much wider than those of the Gerber Grappler. All in all, I think that the Leatherman Crunch has much better pliers.
02) Other than the pliers, the other tools of the Gerber Grappler are accessible even when the handles of the multi-tool are closed. On the Leatherman Curnch you need to spread the handles in order to access the other tools.
03) The tools of the Gerber Grappler are longer than those of the Leatherman Crunch. The Crunch has a hex opening at the end of the screw handle. All you need to do is remove the screw and you can fit standard bits in the hex opening.
04) When closed the Grappler is bulkier than the Crunch.
05) There is a chance (although small) that your fingers will get pinched when using the Grappler. This is not the case with the Crunch.
06) The Crunch is made in the United States while the Grappler is made in China. This makes a difference for those people who want to support American industries.

Leatherman Crunch Price

Multi-tools are the rage these days so there are numerous online retailers and standard “bricks and mortar” stores who stock and sell them. We’ve been doing quite a bit of research in the course of this Leatherman Crunch review and we have found that Amazon offers the best deal. Huge buying power, great prices, free shipping in many cases and a supportive customer service staff. What more could you ask for.

This concludes our Leatherman Crunch Review for now and we hope you found it informative.